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Nissan GTR 2013 the Ferrari of the Japanese is coming. The pride of the Nissan Company has been presented to the market as 2013 Nissan gtr. But it doesn’t contain big changes.

  • The last model has 535hp it got updated to 545hp.
  • The car’s suspension system has been renovated.

Except these two changes you can’t actually see any other changes.

The technical specifications of the Nissan GTR 2013;

  • 3.8 twin-turbo V6 engine
  • 545 horse power
  • 463 nm torque
  • The car has 6 transmissions and it takes 2.9 seconds to go from 0-100 and the maximum speed is now 320.

It weighs 1736 kg and has 20-inch wheels. Front tires 255/40ZR-20, back tires 285/35ZR-20.

Nissan NV200

Small wares vans won’t be the primary vehicle you concentrate on once searching new, however likelihood is that you’ve got gone for a ride in one already–or can shortly.
The NV200 is unaccustomed the U.S. market, however it has been on sale in forty different countries for a few time. If you are a cosmopolitan, you’ve got seen it before. The compact van conjointly was chosen because the forthcoming ny town “Taxi of Tomorrow,” and can hit the streets of the large Apple later this year, simply in time to ferry you from LaGuardia to city district.

Function over kind

Cargo vans are not designed to seem pretty, they’re designed to be purposeful, and therefore the NV200 does not stray from that model. The forepart is blunt and sharply angled; the steep rake generates slightly mechanics facilitate.

Not to spoil the mystery ending, however the remainder is…a van. A usefully sized box, the NV200 has 40/60 split-opening rear doors with each 90- and 180-degree gap positions. This makes pavement unloading each easier, and safer. The wares doors area unit solid metal, tho’ glass windows area unit associate degree choice.

It’s a basic look, with black plastic bumpers even, however higher trim models feature body-colored front and rear bumpers, door handles, outside mirrors, and a chrome grille.

Nissan NV200
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Nissan Cube Reviews 2013 Pictures Prices

The Jewish calendar month Cube could be a “tall box” compact hatchback that was launched within the middle of the last decade. It’s probably the quirkiest automobile in its phase, competitory with models just like the Kia Soul and descendant xB. It’s economical, cheap, and comparatively spacious, creating the Cube a wonderful urban vehicle, even though its styling could be a bit polarzing.

For additional on the present model, as well as rating with choices, see our full review of the 2013 Jewish calendar month Cube.

The current version of the Cube is one amongst the few actually assymetrical (outside of the dash and steering wheel) models on the market. Its aspect profile is somewhat standard, with block sides, a airfoil, and solely beveled window corners to offset its sq. lines. then again go spherical to the rear, and you may notice that not solely is that the rear fifth door side-hinged, with a radical window line that includes one aspect that wraps round the corner of the Cube whereas the opposite is interrupted with a thick metal pillar.

Inside, the quirks continue, with a flowing dashboard form sculpturesque when a Jacuzzi whirlpool tub (supposedly) that has a flat central panel on high that may house alittle oval receptacle of grass, or the artificial equivalent. that is a feature found on no alternative automobile offered purchasable within the U.S. today. more or less a van, not very a crossover, maybe nighest to a compact hatchback–though it does not seem like one because of its rear asymmetry–the Jewish calendar month Cube remains a comparatively rare automobile on U.S. roads.

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Nissan Juke 2013

The Jewish calendar month Juke could be a compact crossover with one amongst the oddest, wackiest styles to create it to production this decade. It does not appear as if the rest on the road, and it’s offered with the all-wheel drive for snowy climates.

For a lot of data on Juke choices, prices, and specifications, see our full review of the 2013 Jewish calendar month Juke.

It may propel itself on Sentra underpinnings, however the brash, bug-eyed, and unconventional Juke has less area within than that compact sedan. And whereas it’s going to build an appropriate urban fashion accent, its fuel economy–one of the explanations for getting atiny low automotive, right?–is remarkably poor once the Juke is fitted with all-wheel drive. Still, even once a couple of years, the Juke’s appearance haven’t lost their ability to startle bystanders. for a few patrons, that is an honest issue.

Nissan Juke 2014
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2013 Nissan Leaf

The 2013 Nissan Leaf, currently in its third model year, remains the highest-volume battery automobile oversubscribed within the us. it had been the primary fashionable powered vehicle oversubscribed by a significant automaker in decades, and together with the Chevrolet V, launched the new era of plug-in electrical cars. For 2013, it’s has slightly updated instrumentation and lower costs, with a replacement base trim level superimposed, and it’s currently designed at Nissan’s manufacturing plant in city, Tennessee.

Dispensing with worries that electrical cars are not “real cars,” the five-door hatchback Leaf is simple to drive, keeps up with traffic, and can transport four individuals well and 5 individuals once required. patrons United Nations agency will afford the upper initial price can fancy running prices simply twenty percent to common fraction those of petrol cars–depending on their native wattage rates.

Nissan LEAF
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2014 Nissan GT-R Review

The 2014 Nisan GT-R demands your rapt attention, not simply from the instant you key it to life and stir up its impressive drivetrain. it is a charming fabrication that performs to such extremes, you’d want the reflexes of a Formula one champion to extract all drop of its essence on a race track.

You also need to pay special attention, as a result of the $100,000 GT-R does not look therefore wild or picture because the alternative supercars that flatly let down of its benchmarks, except within the most sensual, subjective ways that.

As associate degree objective reality, nothing even comes near the GT-R’s 545 power unit, 0-60 mph times of but three.0 seconds, or its good all-wheel-drive handling. Still, Corvettes and Vipers and 911s and Veyrons have instantly classifiable shapes. The GT-R does not lack for a possessing vogue, however it does not quite live up to those picture outlines, either. Its jagged define reads a lot of tuner automobile, a lot of body kit, than instant classic. The parts cut fascinating swaths across its luxury-coupe outline: a tomahawk cut at the roofline chops into the tail, and carbon fiber trim offers the plain interior simply a dab of intrigue–given a lot of panache with the red-and-black Recaros in Black Series models.
The Nissan GT-R
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Nissan Pathfinder 2013

The Nissan scout may be a mighty acquainted SUV plate within the U.S. market. it has been around over 1 / 4 century; however this year it warrants an entire presentation.

Current or former scout house owners trying to rekindle their relationship with the restructure square measure seemingly to be painfully defeated, because the 2013 scout does not precisely follow within the previous model’s footsteps. this can be not a musclebound truck; and Nissan wasn’t shooting for rock-crawling ability, or powerboat-towing art.

Those World Health Organization clear their preconceptions can realize who Nissan was gap the doors to: families, and particularly families World Health Organization would like to a small degree further house. For that, you will probably realize the scout to be a lovely, well-thought-out vehicle that performs higher (and a lot of efficiently) than variety of different family crossovers on the road—where it matters.

Nissan Pathfinder
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Nissan GT-R Sports Car Specs

The Nisan GT-R is Associate in Nursing all-wheel drive, turbocharged supercar. whereas it’s going to not value the maximum amount as different cars in its section, it delivers performance on par with the foremost dear exotics on the market. software package and physical science create the GT-R tame enough to drive to the food market, and its little rear seats may be used once completely necessary, too. The GT-R’s distinctive style continues to show heads despite its familiarity at now. It competes with Porsche 911, Audi R8 and Chevrolet war vessel.

For the 2013 model year, Nisan raised power outputs and costs. For a lot of details, see our full review of the 2013 Nisan GT-R; driving impressions may be had during this 2013 Nisan GT-R 1st Drive.

Nissan GT-R 2015
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2014 Nissan GT-R Specifications

GT-R Engine Performance & Fuel Economy

• Turbocharged
• Engine: three.8L V vi DOHC and variable valve temporal arrangement
• Premium unleaded fuel
• Fuel economy: gas sixteen MPG town, twenty three MPG main road, nineteen MPG combined and 370 mi. range
• Multi-point mechanical system
• 19.5gallon fuel tank
• Power (SAE): 545 H.P. @ vi,400 rpm; 463 linear unit pound of torsion @ three,200 rpm

Nissan GT-R Specifications skyline_gtr
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the Jewish calendar month Nissan enginers GT-R

2013 Jewish calendar month GT-R’s the sensitivity and its cornering ability has been improved with series of modifications.
Even currently the Jewish calendar month GT-R is seen as a legendary super and it’s attending to get several updates in 2013. These updates aims to enhance high-speed stability, throttle response and also the riding expertise. The 2013 Jewish calendar month GT-R gets 545 H.P. and three.8-liter V-6 engine. And these improve the engine response.
2013 GT-R incorporates a new oil pan that helps to stabilize force per unit area and cut back friction.
With the changes on the front shock absorbers, springs and stabilizer the middle of gravity of the automotive has been lowered .Nissan engineers have magnified the rigidity of the automotive body and suspension work by adding reinforcements.
Nissan aforementioned that these changes occurred when the Nürburgring 24-hour endurance race.